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We provide a comprehensive array of services to meet the full needs of our customers.

Transport Management

UBTS was primarily founded as a transportation company and, although we have expanded during our 40 years of operation, transportation remains at the core of our expertise. An important component in the competitive operations of many companies, transporting your goods to market and to customers in a timely and efficient manner is essential for any organization.

With our fleet of over 1,000 vehicles, trailers, prime movers and cranes and an extensive network of regional partners and our heavy investment in technology, we are well positioned to move your goods around the country, around the region or across the globe providing unique and precise transportation and shipping information.

UBTS provides the following list of transportation management services: 

• Container haulage

• General or loose bulk cargo delivery

• Dangerous goods delivery

• Bonded trucking

• Local delivery & distribution including fleet management and distribution management

• Project or odd-sized cargo delivery

• Heavy lift

• Freight Management