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Hazmat Transport Driver Permit Course

The driver and attendant of a licensed vehicle are required to hold a valid Hazmat Transport Driver Course (HTDP) at all times when transporting hazardous substances.

Course Fee:
$150 Nett
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WSQ Operate Forklift

It is a requirement from the Ministry of Manpower for all forklift operators to attend the Operate Forklift Course and to be certified as competence. Forklift Operator will be equipped with all the necessary skills to operate a forklift truck safely and efficiently.

Operate Forklift Course (short):
$280 Nett
Operate Forklift Course:
$520 Nett
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WSQ Operate Lorry Crane

In compliance with Workplace Safety & Health (Operation of Cranes) Regulations, all lorry crane operators must undergo mandatory training conducted by WDA Approved Training Organization (ATO).

Full Course (Training & Assessment):
$680 Nett
AOP (Assessment Only Pathway):
$300 Nett
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