Customer Service Agents

CustService1In UBTS, we strive to be the bridge between our clients and the services they provide for their customers. Our Customer Service Representatives strives for the highest professional standards in their field of work and aim to be the best in what they do.
With a welcoming smile, we exudes the confidence and professionalism in any tasks given.



CustService2By the energy of self-empowerment, self-belief and devotion, our Customer Service Representatives has the ability to professionally act out their roles and responsibilities.




Based in Changi International Airport, we strive to provide a unique service experience for each airline passenger, every day. CustService3Handling  140 flights from all Terminals for airlines such as Jetstar Asia, Scoot, TigerAir, Cebu Pacific, Mandala Air, Lion Air and AirPhil, our full range of passenger services include: 

•    Checking-In services for departure flights
•    Baggage Acceptance for flights
•    Airline policies enforcement eg. Excess Baggage Charges, Tickets Reservations
•    Departure Gate Handling
•    Lost and Found services
•    Baggage Reconciliation services

CustService4With all this rolled into one, it encompasses the individual and collective efforts of our staffs to think, act and speak in tandem, delivering exceptional customer experience and forging customer loyalty.